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The Introduction of Attorney Dianxiang Nan
Attorney Dianxiang Nan is the founding partner and vice director of Beijing DingJian Law Firm. He is a member of the China Lawyers Association 、the Beijing Bar Association and the legal risk mangement committee of the beijinglawyers Association. At the same time, Attorney Dianxiang Nan is a Chinese Communist Party member, a senior career lawyer.
Attorney Nan has a wide range of social experience in education, Chinese Communist Party Schools, administrative organs, enterprises and other units of office. He formed profound law theoretical basis benefiting from a long time engaged in teaching of philosophy and legal services. What's more, attorney Nan is rich in the practical experience of litigation legal matters, especially good at dealing with difficult, complex and major cases of criminal, economic, civil, administrative, and arbitration as well as the enforcement of cases, and of other non-litigation legal affairs such as legal adviser, financial investment, real estate, corporate restructuring, and listed company. 
Attorney Nan was responsible for academic work when he worked in Chinese Communist Party Schools. During the teaching activities of philosophy and law, he often discussed with the trainees who were the leaderships of the people's court or the judges of trial courts on the difficult issues in practice in-depth; With the trainees who were the leaderships of the People's Procuratorates or prosecutors on difficult issues in the practice of the People's Procuratorates' supervision of the implementation of law to maintain fairness and justice, legal investigation, and indictment prosecution in-depth; with the trainees who were the leaderships of public security organs or polices on difficult issues in the practice of administrative punishment and criminal investigation in-depth .
Such an interaction method was mostly appreciated by the trainees in those Chinese Communist Party Schools.    
Attorney Nan has provided highly efficient, high quality legal services for the following customers: the 11th China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Bureau; the United Nations Forum bases on global ecological civilization; Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation; Xing Jing Wood Products (Beijing) Co.; Jiuding Xuan (Beijing) Project Management and Plan Ltd.Co.; Beijing Jiuding Xuan Badaling ecological Investment and Development Ltd. Co.; Beijing Jiuding Xuan Natural beauty Investment Ltd. Co.; Beijing Dongshan MingLu eco-agriculture development Ltd. Co.; Jiuding Xuan(Beijing) Real Estate Broker Ltd. Co.; China Coal Construction and Installation Engineering Company; HeNan LvJin Agriculture and Forestry Resources Development Ltd. Co.; Beijing HangYuan logo Real Estate Development Ltd. Co.; Beijing Wang Ji Wei Xin Internet Technology Ltd. Co.; Beijing Sunset Love in old age supplies Ltd. Co. , and so on. The main business included to be a legal adviser, participating in project negotiations, reviewing the texts of contracts, recovering the debates of companies, presideding over the mediation settlement, giving legal advices , investigating certain credit , presenting legal brief, providing counsel to witness, delegating arbitrations and proceedings ,and so on.  
Attorney Nan is professional and diligent, honesty and credible, closely prudent and efficient. Resting on the strengths and advantages of rich experience in handling cases of the legal team of Beijing DingJian law firm and himself , he would like to provide legal services for domestic and foreign citizens, legal persons, groups and clients with a good lawyer image and a high degree of professionalism.  
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